I Need Full Coverage Insurance – What Is It?

Full coverage?

At Northside Insurance in Fort Worth, TX, we get lots of calls and walk-ins for quotes for full coverage. What exactly is full coverage? Full coverage unfortunately doesn’t exit. Dealerships frequently ask their customers to ensure the vehicle they are purchasing is insured with full coverage. This is because they are interested in having their vehicle fully covered. The coverages they are referring to are physical damages covered under comprehensive and collision coverage. Purchasing those coverages doesn’t necessarily mean you are fully covered.

Be sure to review any quotes you receive before purchasing to ensure that you are purchasing coverages that best fit your needs. You may be under the impression that you are purchasing more coverage than you really are. If your policy is up for renewal it is also a good time to review your policy coverages and determine if you could forego certain coverages. If your vehicle is older you may decide to remove physical damage coverage. If you are looking to save some money you could always raise your deductible amount for some time.

Look at the link listed below for a more detailed look into what coverages best fit your needs.

Progressive – Answers – Full Coverage

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