Recreational Vehicles

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RV, Motorhome, and Travel Trailer

Recreational vehicles do more than just carry you from one place to another; they transport you with an eye toward maximum fun and/or comfort along the way. Just because some of these vehicles are associated with playtime, that doesn't mean they don't need the same insurance protection as any other piece of expensive property you own. In fact, they may need more insurance since they also create a potential for liabilities.

We represent multiple insurance companies that offer coverage for recreational vehicles including Motorhomes and Travel Trailers. We have specialized coverage options available with competitive pricing. We will endeavor to find you the lowest rate for the coverage options you need.

Specialized overage options include*:

  • Total loss replacement (available on certain year makes and models)
  • Pest Damage Protection
  • Roof Protection Plus
  • Emergency Vacation Expense
  • Disappearing Deductibles
  • 24-hour Roadside Assistance.

* Not all coverage options are available for all year makes and models or with all our carriers.

Many discounts are available including:

  • Advanced quoting discount
  • Prior Insurance Discount
  • Responsible Driver Discount
  • Home Ownership Discount
  • Original Owner Discount

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