Travelling to Mexico – You Need Mexico Trip Insurance

Now that the kids are out of school for summer vacation many people take time to travel to Mexico for fun and to visit family and friends.

If you are driving into Mexico, you need to Mexico Trip Insurance from a reputable Mexican domiciled carrier.

Your Texas auto policy provides NO coverage in Mexico unless endorsed.

Even if your Texas auto insurance policy shows a Mexico Coverage endorsement, it will be very limited. It will not provide coverage of any kind very far past the border and it will not be accepted by the Mexican Authorities even in the limited areas stated in the endorsement.

A Mexico Trip Insurance policy through Northside Insurance Agency in Fort Worth Texas will provide coverage through a reputable Mexico domiciled insurance carrier and will include Legal Assistance coverage.

We have a variety of programs and coverages available to provide liability coverage to third parties, collision and theft coverage for your vehicle, legal assistance and travel assistance.

Recent changes in Mexican Law have greatly increased caps on legal liability. It is highly recommended that you carry no a minimum of $300,000 in liability limits. Our carriers have these limits and higher at affordable rates. ,Medical Payments coverage for you and the people in your covered vehicle are available as well.

Many border towns offer Mexican insurance but by waiting to purchase later rather than sooner you run the risk of paying higher premiums and waiting in long lines. Be sure to plan ahead if you are traveling to Mexico by calling or coming by Northside Insurance Agency in Fort Worth Texas get a fast, free, no obligation quote for a Mexico trip insurance policy.

Policies are subject to underwriting, and your coverage will be subject to the conditions, limitations and exclusions in the policy.

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